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General information regarding the HOA

  • The current account balance stands at $15,489.00
  • Current dues outstanding total $11,600.00
  • In the month of March, 13 violation letters were sent out and 7 of those have complied
  • Dues are $400 per year and are collected on a bi-annual basis.  Statements are mailed in January and July.
  • I have contacted the Post Office as there has been an issue with some residents in Phases II and III not receiving their statements.  Please contact me at 972/771-5069 if you are not in receipt of your January statement.

With Springtime upon us,
below are some reminders as the Restrictive Covenants were established for Stoneleigh by the Developer in order to preserve, protect, and enhance our community.

Section 2.19

All Lots shall be maintained at all times in a sanitary, healthful and attractive condition.  All Owners or occupants of Lots shall keep all weeds and grass thereon cut and shall in no event use any lot for storage of material or equipment except for normal residential requirements or incident to the to the construction of improvements thereon as herein permitted. If the Owner of any Lot in the Subdivision refuses to maintain the Lot after ten (10) days prior written notice from Developer or the Architectural Control Committee, then Developer or the Architectural Control Committee shall have the right to perform such maintenance and be reimbursed for the cost of such maintenance.

Section 2.32 

The owner of each Lot shall plant in the front yard and maintain and replace in the event of damage, deterioration or destruction, no less than three (3) long-life non-ornamental trees such as oaks, pecans, etc. with a trunk diameter of no less than four (4)inches when measured one (1)foot from the base. Owners of Corner Lots shall plant and likewise maintain and replace an additional three (3) such trees in the side yard facing the adjacent side street. 

Section 2.22 

No buses, recreational vehicles, boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, sampling trailers, house trailers, unmounted pickup camper units, or commercial vehicles shall be parked or stored in any area, including any street, other than within an enclosed garage or fenced area sufficiently high enough to restrict the view of same from the street. No motor vehicles of any type shall be parked on the streets overnight or for extended periods during the day

Thank you for your cooperation in abiding by the deed restrictions and your assistance in keeping up our neighborhood’s appearance, making Stoneleigh a wonderful place to live. 

Kind Regards,

Melody L. Hail
HOA Bookkeeper



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